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Created By: Kaleesta Waysman
Pyramid: Noobally



This picture shows the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. A pyramid is a tomb.  Pyramids are important to Ancient Egypt because the people loved their gods so much that they would bury them in a pyramid so they could be protected.



This is a Mummy. Mummification is the process of preserving the dead body for the afterlife. The first stage of mummification is the embalming. The second stage is the wrapping.


Daily Life

This is a picture of Egyptians doing something that they do in their daily lives. What I mean by daily lives is, what the people did almost every day. Young girls, in Ancient Egypt,  worked and trained at home with their mothers. Young boys would learn to craft or trade from their father or an artisan.



This is a picture of a pharaoh named King Tutankhamen. A pharaoh is a leader, or King, of Ancient Egypt that was viewed as a god. Pharaohs were important to Ancient Egypt because the Egyptians worshiped them and believed in them.


The Nile River

This is a picture of the Nile River. The Nile River is the major river of Egypt. The Nile River is important because without it, Egypt wouldn't exist! When it rains, the Nile River overflows and provides the water and soil for crops to grow.

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