Isabella's 6th Birthday!

Sunday 15 June, 11am

Here's the plan. Drop off at a charming park known to locals as the Goat Park.   There are goats to feed, trees to climb, little cubby houses and a big slide to enjoy.  After one hour of  play, we will enter a charming Atelier within this park to do some pottery and ceramics.  After an hour or so, we will then return to the park for more play, drinks and sandwiches.  At approximately 1pm we will walk slowly home with close adult supervision the 10 minute walk to our home for cake in the garden.

Please join us for a drink at collection time, 3pm.

11.00am   Drop off in the Ziegenhof (Goat Park), Dankelmanstrasse, Charlottenburg.

3.00pm   Collection at our home, Zillestrasse 109, Charlottenburg 10585.