Brandon Turner Agents of socialization


My mom helped socialize me by being gentle and hinting what’s right and wrong. She gave also gives important examples of what to strive for. My dad is very strict and clean cut. You ether get it right the first time or remain a failure .He taught me to be self-efficient. My grandma socialized me by reinforcing everything I did wrong by rewarding me with hugs and giving me candy.


School taught me how to conform to a work environment. Also School taught me how important time management skills are. Another important way school helped socialize me was emphasizing the idea of respecting a different figure head besides my grandparents and immediate family.


Friends helped socialize me by setting examples of how diversity is good and personality is to be judge not looks. Also business relationships can be beneficial so both people get what they want. Sometimes friends are there for what you can’t tell your parents or a figure head.

Mass media

Mass media connects the globe .you can be anywhere at any time and be the center of attention. Everyone on the earth has their own perspective.

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