My Goals

By: Maurissa McNeal

Personal Goals

A personal goal of mine is to live somewhere near a beach. I absolutely love the beach and living there would be amazing. I also want to become a better sister to my brother. We do not always get along and I would love to change that. One of my all time personal goals is to live happily through Christ. I want to be remembered as a person with a great personality and having a strong relationship through Him. I am accomplishing more of this goal each and every day. To keep this up I will try my best to treat people as I want to be treated and to just have faith in God with every little thing I do.

Educational Goals

My educational goals include making straight A's for the rest of my years in school. Not just any A either. I need for it to be an A+. As of right now, I am successful with this goal and I plan to keep this up. If I ever slip up and make a B, I know to work as hard as I can the next time so that this B can be an A. This is not a goal that my parents set for me. I set this one up for myself because I know that my education is very important and getting a very good one will help me in the long run.

Nutritional and Fitness Goals

A nutritional goal that I have is to be very healthy. Eating right and getting my daily nutrients is what I strive to do. A fitness goal that I have for myself is to be fit. Right now, I am not in the shape that I want to be exactly. I am getting there though. To get to where I want to be physically, I am going to work my hardest by exercising daily.

Humanitarian Goals

A humanitarian goal of mine is to be a missionary. I have always wanted to travel the world and I think this would be the best way to do it. And since I have a passion for helping people, this would be awesome because I would help people learn about Christ.

Career Goals

A career goal of mine is to work in the medical field. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do in the medical field yet though. Being a missionary nurse would be absolutely amazing though. I would love to do this.

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