Class Narrative Entry #1

Maddie Williams, D Block, September 16, 2013

Today in class we acted out our life stories, incorporating viewpoints into our scenes. In this activity, we had to cross from one end of the theatre room to the other, in such a way that it would convey meaning about our life. We couldn't talk, but we could use any/all of the theatre viewpoints. Most people in our class focused on using architecture and gesture to convey meaning in their life stories. I think that one purpose of this activity was to help us to grow closer as a class. The life stories were obviously very personal, and revealing a lot of heavy things that have happened to all of us throughout our lives, to a group of our peers, is mildly terrifying. This activity helped us to grow closer as a class, and learn more about ourselves and each other in a safe environment. Another reason why we did this activity (perhaps the more obvious reason) is so we could incorporate all the viewpoints into one mini acting project. Using all of the viewpoints will help us to learn how to become better actors, and focus on incorporating more than just a script into our acting. I was really scared when you announced that we would have to act out our life stories, let alone not being able to talk and we could only use viewpoints to express our stories. I am also really super anxious about talking about my personal life- I've gone through a lot of crappy stuff in my time, and I didn't really want to relive it in front of everyone in the class. Volunteering to go first helped me, though, and not focusing on the fact that everyone was watching me made my anxiety less severe. I still need to work on becoming more comfortable talking/acting about personal things in class, but I believe that this was a big step for me in overcoming my anxiety in theatre. One thing I can certainly work on, though, is pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have been doing that more in theatre this year, particularly because I find some of the activities we've been doing to be more difficult. However, as the year goes on, I certainly believe that I will improve on this. I felt I was a risk-taker in this lesson. The whole viewpoints lesson has been an unknown situation in general, and I have pushed myself to get into the lesson. At first, I wasn't really being a risk-taker because I had convicted myself that the whole unit was going to suck. Risk-taking enabled me to put aside my fairly selfish personal opinions and accept viewpoints for what it is, force myself out of my comfort zone, and really enjoy what we've been doing in class.