Industrial Revolution Summary - Titus Lee - Hour 5

In the Industrial Revolution, danger was everywhere. It was in front of you, behind you, and even above you. In the packet, document 5, it explains all the danger that miners has to go through. Hard to breath, there was a chance he could get miner’s lung, and rocks could fall on him. There was a lot of danger in front of him, behind him, and above him. At any moment he could’ve been injured or even killed. In the packet, document 6, there a photo of children who work in the mills and a caption below it. The caption says,” When a bobbin is filled, the ‘doffer boy’ come along, takes it off the spinning frame and puts an empty bobbin in its place. The “doffer boy” had to put in empty bobbin on the spinning frame, while it’s spinning. That’s possible injuries or a slight chance of death. The spinning frame could have taken a finger or two off, take his hand off, or pull on his clothing and suck him in. In a educational video about the Industrial Revolution, it explained how Mill that women used to work in were dangerous. The video explain how there was a big wheel that would spin around and since women used to wear long dresses all the time then the wheel could pull women and their dresses to their certain doom. That’s why i believe one word to summarize the Industrial Revolution.

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