Delta was first a crop dusting business in Louisiana in 1924. It's name was Huff Daland Dusters. A few years later they started to send mail across the country. In 1929 Delta had its first passenger flight that consisted of 5 passengers and 1 pilot. After that they shortly stopped the passenger service.

In the 1930s delta continues passenger service. Soon delta goes to war and officially becomes Delta Air Lines. Since then Delta has grown to be one of the most used air line in the world. Delta's headquarters are in Atlanta, GA.


Delta uses all modes of transportation without you knowing it. To get fuel first boats have to get the fuel across the ocean. Then trains take the fuel to the airport. Then cars take the fuel to the planes. Then planes take people all over the world. Not only that Delta has a bus service at the airport.


Since Delta is so big all over the world, they have many risks. If they have to delay or cancel a flight then people will not wont to fly with them anymore. Also if delta stops flights to a country then people will fly with other airlines to that country. With all those people not flying then they are losing so much money.


Since Delta's headquarters are in Atlanta they have a big impact on the state. The airport is already the most used airport passenger wise, so that provides jobs for many people of the state. And since Delta is the airports biggest air line then that provides more jobs for pilots or flight attendants.


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