Goal Planning Systems (g.P.S)


February 5th, 2014

I have finished my goal, but i did not quite reach it, as report cards came out and I looked at it got 79% on two of my subjects! I was so close! I will keep on trying to reach my goal. Like staying after school to get help or studying for my tests....I just gotta keep on trying!

#1.) report card has my evidence

#2. I have completed my goal but i am still keeping it till the next repor card because it pushes me to do my best....

March 10, 2014

In my subjects my marks are good, they have not really changed any, I haven't checked Parent Portal in a while, the only report i got lately was in science. Before i 'up' my goal i want to complete this one even though 79% is really close to 80%

#1.) One thing that I did last week to help achieve my goal that I did last week but not the week before was take home my science and my Math text book to read what we discussed in class.

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