European Exploration Proposal

By: Sir Lep r. Chon (Ireland)

The year is 1505. It is a race against time as three countries (France, England, and Spain) are all fighting for resources in North America. Other countries are searching for resources that I believe are not practical, such as gold, other riches, and trade routes. Whilst they waste time and money, I will make your economic investment worthwhile by searching for natural resources, spices, and land to claim as your own. This trip will not be easy, therefore I will need a ship full of hardworking men and £5,000. This seems like a very costly fund, but I assure you that if you follow my route and give me a mere 12 months, I will return with land for England, spices that can be sold, and enough natural resources to build two other churches, and probably even some houses. There, no doubt, will be problems. Disease, lack of supplies, and predators will cross our path. I plan to handle the lack of supplies problem by simply over-packing bit. We will secure extra provisions in the belly of our ship, to ensure full rations. For the disease problem, I will discharge infected men so that they do not get the rest of the crew sick. To handle the animals, I will carry weapons at all times, and always travel with a group. I chose these resources because when I bring them back you can sell them, and also build houses and other buildings. I believe these resources will be plentiful off the east coast of North America (modern day North Carolina), because I hear from my special sources that the province is full of trees and many spices. The soil is also fertile, so when we set up camp, we can start growing crops for food. Conflict is inevitable, so I will try to make peace with the Natives as soon as we arrive, that way we have a trustful ally that knows the land and can assist us if we run into trouble. Please, King Henry VII, don’t be rude, and fund my trip to North America.

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