" Without a Struggle, there can be no progress."

- Frederick Douglass

~A detail in the quotation that creates a particular attitude is encouragement, progress and change.

~A detail in the quotation that would leave a profound impact on an audience is the whole quote itself because it is encouraging them to work hard even if they struggle with it.

~ Quote was made by Fredrick Douglas

~ Can not really tell when the quote was made or where its originally from but it is believed to be from a piece of his literature that he wrote.

~ The intention of the speech/writing in which the quotation appeared was to let people know it is good to struggle in life.

~ The cause of the speech/writing in which the quotation appeared seemed to be encouraged by the fact that Douglass was a former runaway slave with life experiences making him want to encourage others that they need the struggle to get to the top.

~ Originally the quote seemed to be intended for slaves who believed they would never be free again and wanted to escape but over time it spread to everyone to help them push hard.

~ No actual proof of how people felt about the quote but hoped that it encouraged many people in the world

~  This quote is important because it explained to people in a simple way that there is no progress in life if it is easy for you, you have to work for it even if it is hard.

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