The Life of a Star

This is the life of a star a high mass star pacifically


My star did not like being a nebula, It said that it was too dusty and that it toke to long to star becoming a protostar

I will refer to my star as Hom


After Hom got to the Protostar phase he though he was already a black hole and complained that he looked forward to his life as a star and never got it

High Mass Star

Hom was exited to get to be a high mass star but then realized that all he did was sit in on spot and never do any thing els he even tried to talk to the planets orbiting him but they did not answer so he did not like this part of his life and he wanted to get out of it as fast as possible


When Hom became a super giant he realized basically nothing changed and he still was in space and doing nothing and he still wanted to get through this phase as soon as posibile


When Hom thought that nothing worst could happen to him and then he felt a big explosion and he felt like he was being tore apart and he felt some of him fly of into space

Black Hole

Hom realized he had become a supernova and then 100 and a half seconds later he had become a blak hole and was sucking up all the planets orbiting him

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