Pablo Picasso

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by: Baillie leach

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Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 and died on, April 8, 1973

Five unique facts about Pablo

1. His ares are black!

2.his full name was 23 words long.

3. Pablo's 2nd wife was 27 and he was 79!

4. Pablo's first word was pencil.

5. Pablo was a bad student in school.

Pablo's childhood

Pablo's father supported his family by teaching at a local art school. Pablo's father soon taught him how to paint/draw.  Since Pablo started to become so good his father would even ask him to if she his paintings for him some nights. By the age of 13 Pablo was an amazing artist. Pablo was becoming better than his dad, and soon after Pablo's dad stop drawing cause he didn't think he was good anymore. Sadly Pablo's sister Conchita died at only 7 years old.

Family members/friends and their  significance

Your Headline

Father- Jose Ruiz Picasso. Pablo's father taught him how to paint.

Mother- Maria Picasso

Close friend- Carlos casagemas. Committed suicide, and one of the reasons Pablo started the blue period.

Best friend - max Jacobs . Was a painter with Pablo

Words of advice/ quote

The doctor by his side heard his last words: " you are wrong not to be married, it's useful." Pg. 48

" it isn't up to the painter to define the symbols, otherwise if would be better if he wrote them in so many words" pg.77

" her beauty held me but I could not stand any of her little ways." Pg. 45

Pablo at a young age


1. Over 16000 different type of paintings/ drawings.

2. Pablo's cubism period. This was his most famous period of painting/drawing.

3. Coming out of the blue period into the rose period. The blue period invoked blue practically in most of Picasso's work.

4. guemica  painting

5. Stalin prize for peace

A picture from Pablo's blue period

What I learned from Pablo Picasso

I learned that, all people start off what they want to be as a child, it all matters if they still are doing it once they get older. Do what you want, it makes you who you are, and make you happy. As long as your happy it doesn't matter what other people think. So be unique and do what you truly want to do.

works cited

who was pablo picasso written and illustrated by True Kelley

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