Inside the Heresy

We're gonna take you behind the scenes of the ancient heretical faith, Manichaeism, how it came to be, what it means, and why it's considered a heresy.

Introduction to Manechaeism

Manichaeism is an ancient (mostly extinct), dualistic, religion based off of a combination of many different faiths. Some of these faiths include: Christianity, Buddhism, and Babylonian folklore. Manichaeism is named after its founder, Mani, who was a Persian prophet. The whole faith is expresses the belief of two realms, good (spiritual world of light) verses evil (material world of darkness). The world of light is ruled by the Father of Greatness, and the world of darkness is ruled by the King of Darkness.

What did they believe about God and the Bible?

In Manichaeism, the belief is held that God is not responsible for creation itself. In fact it is believed that Satan himself was responsible for physical life and elements. God was responsible for spiritual life. Manichaeism goes against the entire Book of Genesis in the Bible.

What did they believe about creation?

The Manichaeism faith believes that there were three separate creations caused by wars. The wars were between the two "worlds", the good world (spiritual light world) and the evil world (material dark world). It is believed that the human body is a materialistic being made by the ruler of the dark world. As Christians we can identify this "ruler" as the devil. The soul of the human body is a different concept. It is believed that the soul was created by the ruler of the light, good world. Again we can identify the ruler of the light world as God.

What did they believe about the human person?

Manicheans believe that the human person was created by the devil, not God. The human person is classified as a battleground in the process of creation. A human is influenced by both the light and the darkness (good and evil).

How did their beliefs oppose Christianity?

In Manichaeism, Jesus possessed three different identities: Jesus the Luminous, Jesus the Messiah, and the Suffering Jesus. Jesus was believed to be in fact divine, and a forerunner of Mani. Jesus was not in fact a physical being, or apart of the Trinity, which also did not exist.

How could Theology of the Body be used to argue against them?

In the teachings from Theology of the Body, we learn that the human body is a beautiful and wonderful gift from God, the ultimate creator of all things. The human body possesses both a soul and also a physical form (which is NOT given to us by the devil).

The beauty and uniqueness of the human body

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