Cool Socks For Wearing In Sports Activities – Features To Look For

Athletes and sports persons are always looking for better and more comfortable gear to wear when they are playing. There are many clothing requirements that they have which are more specific to their case as they have to engage in many physically strenuous activities almost throughout the day. The comfort of their feet happens to be a top contender in this list. This is why, buying the right socks for their playing needs happens to be an important task for them. If you too belong to this category of people and are now looking to buy cool socks for yourself or your team, here are the basic points that you should think of covering in the products you choose.

Cushioned foot bed

Always make sure that the cool socks you select pay special attention to providing adequate comfort to the soles of your feet. Most professional players as well as physiotherapists recommend that you look for extra cushion down where your foot is in the shoe. Without sufficient cushioning at the foot bed, the player could sustain foot injuries.


The material used to manufacture your cool socks should allow your skin to breathe. Most of the time, your foot is going to be covered up in your socks and trapped in the tight, confined space of your shoes. On the top of it, you will be looking at a day full of activity and sweating which is even more bad news for your poor feet. In these circumstances, if you choose a fabric like nylon which doesn’t allow air to pass through, you are definitely in for a world of discomfort. Instead, try using natural fabrics like cotton that will allow your skin to breathe and provide you with the freshness you need while you are engaging in the sport you play.

Fast drying capabilities

This is another feature that has to do with the fabric of your cool socks. Imagine a day full of sweating and tough physical activity. By the end of the day, you will only get even more irritated if the socks you are wearing do not dry up quickly. The whole combination of your feet being wet with sweat in the tight shoes you are wearing will not only cause discomfort, but also skin troubles, infections and chaffing injuries. You can avoid all these by simply selecting fabrics that are dry faster and allow air to pass through easily.

Right length

This is a personal preference matter as well as a necessity that will be dictated by the sport that you play. For instance, most footballers have to wear cool socks that are long enough to fit right above the calf so as not to let the shin guard slide down during the game. Different sports have different regulations that you will have to follow. Plus your personal comfort should also be taken into account as any discomfort while wearing your socks should not affect your performance.

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