By: Laury Cyprien

Pride and Prejudice: Canada's International Legacy

Canada ! Oh Canada ! In the 19th century a women place was always at home, even if there were some nursing position for them but that was never enough. Since the end of 19th century Canadian women have been organizing to redefine their place in society, this granted them the right to vote, the right to be co-ed educated , and the right to ventured to the work field as the men. It took Canada a long to grant women rights, the women could only work when the men go to war, and finally it was sad that women couldn't think for themselves, so they couldn't vote.

Candian Women doing landry



Everyone around the world should have the right to state their opinions, but in the 19th century Canadian women were not allowed to vote, they did not have the same privileged as the men did.  It was so the government did not allow women to vote in political elections because they thought the women weren't educated or informed well and they lacked knowledge of political to have the right to vote.  

Why can't we vote?

We Are Educated!

The Canadian federal government thought that since the Canadian women weren't educated enough about politics, they weren't granted the rights to vote. The women were to stay at home and do labor work; such as cooking and cleaning and taking care of the men. In this generation we as women we do more than just cook and clean we also work like we are one of the men, some of us appreciate it but others whether go back in time where women did nothing but stay at home. obviously back in the 19th century if staying at home is all a lady can do, they won't be able to get educated as well as men would be able to


                                                                     Women gets the vote 1916-1919

In the 1919 all women 21 and over had the right to vote in the federal election, this was doing the first world war that allowed some women in Canada to vote. The women suffrage groups that exists since the 1870s helped the women get their rights. Doing the war the women were taking over for the men in the factories, offices and holding their families together so it was really hard for the federal government to ignore their arguments. So, the women were already involved in the political life style. The military voters act in 1917 allowed nurses and women in the armed forced to vote."Provincially, women were given the vote in 1916 in the four western provinces, in 1917 in Ontario, in 1918 in Nova Scotia, in 1919 in New Brunswick, in 1922 in Prince Edward Island, and in 1940 in Quebec." Many other Canadian women were allowed to vote but they had to be 21 and over and not a native Canadian.

What else women were granted?

Lastly, It wasn't just the right to vote women were granted, they were granted the right to get educated, it wasn't until the middle of the 19th century that females were getting educated. It was mostly the upper class people whose daughters were getting tutored but they were never sent to school. One the women were getting educated more job opportunities presented themselves, women had open their own schools and some women work about 54 hours a week but they still got payed less than the men. Even today in the 20th century men still get payed more than females.  

In conclusion, as you can tell Canadian women have been through a lot but that did not stop them to getting what they want. If Canadian women back in the 19th century give up on fighting to vote and get the same rights as men, the 20th century wouldn't have been operating like it is now. There would not have been any Canada day, or remembrance day, none of that. So I am thankful the Canadian women back in 19th century fought for what is right and had the right to vote, seek education and work in the work places as the men.

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