Financial Literacy
by Caeden Word


My job is the computer programmer and I get payed $64,749 a year after taxes. My pay before taxes is $76,140 and I was taxed 15% or .15 so $11,421 of tax.


My monthly pay is $5,395.75 which would make 6 month pay would be$36,370.50 because $5,395.75 multiplied by six is $36,370.50.


My car is the Ford Mustang for a car payment of $318 and gas of $180 and insurance of $150. I chose what I chose  because one they are cool two they get my budget closer to $0 and last they can fit at least 4 people in them. The house cost $1,705 for a small house and $300 for utilities. The reason  I chose my house was because I wanted a house with my own property and I actually wanted to own the house own the house.


When we had to put our money into savings i put 10% into savings but in the end I had to put more money into savings because I had to balance my budget, plus I don't care because I have a bigger cushion in-case something happens.


This project is important to me because it tells me how to prepared in the future and know how to budget so I know where all my money went.

Above is my budget and it is balenc


I chose the groceries because I only need them to survive not what I want. Stuff such as the sponge, reusable water bottle, trash bags, and toilet paper I wont by every time I go to the store.