The McCarthy Campaign

The Truth Behind it All

The Campaign Poster of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Bending the Truth

Joseph McCarthy managed to win his re-election by claiming he had a list of 205 known members of the Communist Party that were working to transform the State Department. Because the tensions were already so high after the end of World War II, his claim was brought to the attention of the Senate. While the Senate found no truth in his accusations, Senator McCarthy still continued on investigating in order to bring to light the "communists" in the government.

Americans Response

The American citizens would choose not to publicly deny these accusations made by McCarthy because of the fear of being accused themselves. If they were to speak against these statements of Communism, the focus would then turn to them and they would be convicted of Communism. There was also great fear of Communism in general, so the public may have stayed away from speaking out in fear of the Communists coming to attack.

Puritans Response

The Puritans would choose not to publicly deny accusers because of the same reasons as the Americans. They would know the power these accusers would have and understand that if they spoke against them, they would be in trouble themselves. They also would have had fear in them as well, which would prevent them from coming out against these accusers.

This political cartoon mocks Senator McCarthy by insinuating his acts against possible Communists were in-American.