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Reputation Hotline will show you exactly how to set up a Review “Hotline” for local businesses to gather audio testimonials.

Reputation Hotline Review – OverviewCreator: Chris BeattyProduct:Reputation HotlineNiche: Affiliate MarketingLaunch Day : 2014 – 08 – 01Launch Time :11:00 AM EDTPrice :$ 9Bonus Page:Clicking here to receive immense bonus price over $6500Website : >>Please Click see full about Reputation HotlineWhat is Reputation Hotline?
Reputation Hotline will show you exactly how to set up a Review “Hotline” for local businesses to gather audio testimonials.
Reputation Hotline is Step By Step documentation of my exact process that I use to set up and sell Review Hotlines to local businesses, collect tons of reviews for them and get piles of recurring cash for my business!
Now, I’m revealing it all so that you can do the same thing!Feature Of Reputation Hotline
Here’s what you’ll learn inside the training portal:
MODULE 1: Reputation Hotline Explained (Value $47)
Inside this module you’ll learn:The local consumer Buying Cycle! This cycle is EXACTLY why reputation marketing is the BEST thing you can possibly deliver to a local business!Exactly why most local marketers fail when trying to sell and deliver reputation marketing services to local businesses!The reason I no longer deliver “Written Testimonials” right out of the gate with a new client!My 3 Step Quick Start to building an $8550/month Reputation Hotline Empire! (It’s so simple and so powerful)
MODULE 2: Reputation Market Takeover (Value $47)
Inside this module you’ll learn:My stealth “Hot 150″ technique for finding insanely profitable local cities to sell your reputation hotlines with virtually ZERO COMPETITION!The Three Criteria that every “Niche” must meet before you even think about selling them reputation marketing services. Ignore these and you’ll waste a TON of time on the wrong prospects!The only 4 websites you need to find HOT PROSPECTS and the ONE thing you must identify on those sites that guarantee you’ll have the hottest prospects possible!
MODULE 3: Hotline Cash Cow (Value $67)
Inside this module you’ll learn:One simple FREE website that will allow you to make an INSANELY TARGETED marketing piece AND deliver it to a prospects inbox every time!Exactly how to make the perfect marketing piece that will force a response from your prospects! There’s two simple items that you must draw attention to.The “Twisting Knife” subject line that will get your marketing piece opened and read every single time!Exactly what to say in your Email message that will get the prospect to pick up the phone and call you. (No more “used car” sales pitches)The “Closing Script” to use when your prospect calls you wanting more information. This is literally EXACTLY what to say when they call!
MODULE 4: Hotline Setup A to Z (Value $97)
Inside this module you’ll learn:Exactly how to set up a “Hotline” that you can sell to local business owners for a nice recurring monthly income!The “Review Filter” method that is completely automated inside your hotline. This separates any negative reviews from the positive reviews!The three scripts to use inside your hotline that will make sure your clients customers are leaving reviews that future customers will LOVE!How to automatically notify your clients every time a new review is left on their hotline! This will let them know that the service they are paying for is actually working!