Christmas in Italy

By: Brianna Seaton

      The country I'm doing is the one and only Italy which is located in Europe. the language spoken in Italy is Italian. One interesting fact about Italy is that Italy is shaped like a boot. The boot seems to be kicking a weirdly shaped ball: the island of Sicily.

Italian food for Christmas

The linguine with red clam sauce is a dish with linguine con vongle and preshucked clams. The italian egg drop soup with meatballs includes, chicken broth, eggs, herbs, and meatballs. The cavatelli with sausage, eggplant, and saffron includes, cavatelli, sausage, eggplant, and saffron cream.  The italian flag halibut includes, fins and some vegetables of your choice. The rigatoni with lamb includes, rigatoni, lamb, and cheese. The cod with eggplant, tomatoes, and basil includes, cod, eggplant, tomatoes, and basil. The main ingredients to panettone is candied fruit in bread.

Linguine with red clam sauce

Italian egg drop soup with meatballs

                                                                Day of Christmas

On Christmas Day, schools and government offices are closed. Although Christmas in Italy starts on the same day as us, it ends on January 6th. Children wait till epiphany ( January 6th) to get their presents. Most Children go home to home reciting poems and singing. Shepards also go home to home playing bagpipes and singing. On Christmas Day, the church is reserved for family and feasting. The pope gives his blessing to crowds gathered in huge Vatican square.

                                                                      Gift bearer

Befana is a kind, ugly witch who rides a broomstick. Her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany. Children in Italy get gifts from both Befana and farther christmas. Befana delivers gifts to children on Epiphany eve. Befana goes down chimneys and delivers candy and presents to children who have been good. Those who have been bad, Befana leaves lumps of coal. These days Isfahan no one can be perfect for the whole year, she leaves a sweet "lump of coal."


Compare and Contrast

There are many similarities and differences between America and Italy. One difference is that Americans gift bearer is Santa Clause, a fat man who loves milk and cookies. Italians gift bearer is Befana, a kind ugly witch who rides on a broomstick. Another difference is, in America, Christmas only last for a day (December 25), but in Italy it last for 3 weeks (December 25 to January 6). One last difference is that Americans have one gift bearer, but in Italy, they have two gift bearers. One similarity is that both Santa Clause and Befana come down chimneys to deliver presents.  Another similarity is that Christmas starts on the same day. One last similarity is that both Santa Clause and Befana give lumps of coal to children who are bad.


Even though Italy and America are totally different country's, they still share some of the same beliefs.


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