About me: Yadvinder S. Thind

I have been working as an Elementary Occasional Teacher for the Peel District School Board since 2009.

I started this program in the spring of 2013. One of the main reasons for deciding to earn a Masters of Education degree was that I wanted to know the latest research and evidence based practices to improve my teaching practice. My goal is to be an effective teacher and I felt that this program would help me take the steps necessary to reach this goal. I enjoy implementing the ideas that I am learning in this program and sharing what I learn with my colleagues to improve their practice as well. I value being a lifelong learner and feel that this program has helped me acquire the skills and tools to keep learning.

This program has helped me realize the importance of:

  • Researching to find out the latest evidence based practices
  • Staying connected with other practitioners and communities of learners to share information and ideas to improve our practice
  • Communication, dialogue and collaboration are essential processes for learning
  • The cycle of action, reflection, action plans and then starting over again with action is a key process for growth.
  • It is important to focus on the interests, needs, goals and strengths of the learners
  • It is important to organize information and ideas around key concepts and principles
  • Making connections is a key way to process information at a deeper level

As a teacher, I now see my role as being more like a mentor who cares, provides guidance at an individualized level to stretch students to fulfill and reach their full potential.

My hope for the future is that teachers will be open to new ideas, information and tools to reflect and take action to improve their practice and thus impact learners who can help make the world a better place.

My key values that guide my teaching practice are awareness, reflection, dialogue & action.