Holistic Women Care Is A Top Practice That Uses A Holistic Approach To Treat Women's Health Issues

This press release informs the readers that Holistic Women Care is a top practice that uses a holistic approach to treat women's health issues.

Holistic Women Care is counted amongst the top holistic specialty medical centers situated in Miami that offers a plethora of services. These include diagnosing and treatment of menopausal as well as perimenopausal symptoms through plant based, natural supplements, HPV immunization with Gardasil vaccine, Coloposcopy for abnormal Pap smear, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis using a holistic approach together with nutraceuticals, exercise as well as proper nutrition guidelines, and a lot more.

This practice was founded by Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch who is highly sought after for detoxification of heavy metals in Miami. Detoxification is termed as the elimination of metallic toxic substances from the body. Toxic heavy metals are individual metals and metal compounds that have an adverse effect on a person's health. Small amounts of these metals are essential to support life, whereas in larger amounts they are very harmful for the body.

About Holistic Women Care

Holistic Women Care is a specialized holistic medicine clinic that deals in the treatment of women. The practice is headed by founder Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch who is a visionary in her own right. She recognized the need to re-evaluate the true meaning of health and well being, which does not always follow in line with conventional medical practices. She is a board certified OB/GYN, and has a specialty in peri-menopausal and menopausal issues. She also takes a keen interest in Integrative Medicine including Disease Prevention, Women’s Health, Bio-Identical Hormones and Holistic Living. She has been in private practice since 1991 and practices in North Miami. For more details about anti aging hormones, please feel free to call visit their website at http://www.holisticwomencare.com or to call on 305 935 8775.

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