The Mayan

The Mayan's built splendid temples and pyramids and made complicated calendars. Mayan city's were built around pyramids. Most of the maya people were peasant farmers. Houses were built of adobe and hatch. Gods were ranked in order of importance. Maya practiced human sacrifice to please the gods.

Mayan's ate sweet patateos, guavas, and tomatoes. Meats they ate are ish, frogs, water insects, algae.

mayans had ark skin, dark eyes and straight black hair, but to them what was considered  beautiful and slightly crossed-eyes.

About 10,000 people lived in Tikal.

Mayans believed in many gods for example Chac the rain god and Ah Puch the god of death.

The mayans kept track time with a calendar called Tzolkin.

Mayans used lime stones to build and they would used mortar on their construction project .

Mayans told legends that you could make a figure of dwarf and if you prayed to him he would come to life . Also they would protect your land and exchange you would give him cigars ,honey, and corn.

Mayan city's were built around pyramids and the building are built at least 250 away from the pyramid.

Mayans wore very little clothe and they wore jewelry . The jewelry was made out of bones.

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