Letters to Pluto

Dear People of Pluto,

I have landed on a place so called Earth. It looks like a giant green blob. Its very cold but good thing I have my thermal suit. I have enough carbon monoxide to last me 500,000,000 light years so that means that I wont be back for that long. Say namaste to all my fellow plutations. I'll be back in 500,000,000 light years. I over heard what are called "humans" and apparently white freezing stuff will sprinkle the ground.

This is what will be falling. I got the picture on my super galactic camera. It transforms to a liquid when i touch it with my tentacle. It is cold but tickles when it land on my body. I will send an intergalactic selfie known to be taken with a "fone" .

Love with all your carbon monoxide tanks,

Guismm Huggle-Wuff

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