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Email from TTM with more info...

Hello Think Through Math Educators,

As we are moving into the school year, I want to ensure you have everything you need for your next steps in Think Through Math! Think Through Math is provided to all grades 3-8 public and charter school students in the state of Texas. You can learn more at

We are encouraging all Texas TTM Thinkers to THINK30 this year! When kids are focused on passing 30 TTM lessons (Think30) in their grade level pathways, they make incredible gains on high stakes tests. I’ve answered the most frequent general questions that I receive below for you to help you move forward on your next steps. If you have questions about TTM, I’m holding office hours on Wednesdays at 3:00. The specific information to log on is at the end of this email!

I can’t remember my password!

Go to to log in and select the “forgot your password?” link. You can easily reset your password here. Your username is your email address.

Do you need your students uploaded?

Students must be uploaded by a school administrator or district administrator account holder using their TSDS unique student ID number.

My district or school administrators have told me my students are uploaded, but when I log in, I can’t find them!

There are two ways you can finalize the upload process in this scenario.

1. School administrators can assign the teachers to the classes they’ve already created by editing the class and dragging the teacher assigned to the column on the right. Then when the teacher logs in, he/she will see their assigned students.

2. Create your classes using the Classes>Create a class button. Then choose the “Current students” button next to the class name, then choose “Add students”. There are directions here for you to find your students and move them to your class.

My students are in and ready to go. What else I should do before we begin?

1. Go to your “Help” page and explore the “Getting Started” and “Launching Think Through Math with Students” resources. There’s all sorts of goodies here to help you plan your student launch and lay the foundation for a successful TTM school year. There are also webinars available here if you’d like to brush up on your TTM knowledge.

2. Be sure each student has a TTM journal prepared and ready to go!

3. Your students’ usernames and passwords can be printed by selecting Classes>Start Cards. Place a copy of the start card inside the front cover of the journal for easy reference.

4. Remember the initial adaptive placement test is around 20-25 questions in length. Having the students do their BEST WORK here will ensure that their personalized lesson pathway will be most appropriate for them. They get bonus points when they have completed the placement test.

How do I know we’re on the road to success with Think Through Math?

1. Be sure kids are working on their grade level pathway, even if they’re not working on grade level. TTM will remediate for them as they need it. Grade level pathways will give them grade level instruction AND appropriate gap building remediation.

2. A good implementation consists of students working in TTM 60-90 minutes per week and completing 2-3 lessons weekly over the course of a school year.

3. Students need headphones to hear their live math teachers while they’re working in class and a journal to solve problems.

4. Build motivation!! TTM builds in a lot of motivation and incentives for students. Tap into their excitement by having classroom incentives too!

5. Go to your TTM dashboard and Reports page. You can even click Reports>Weekly reports-Change Settings to have a weekly report emailed to you! A great way to monitor your students usage and progress in TTM.

My students are already working in Think Through Math. How many lessons should they have completed?

By mid-November, we would expect students to have passed 5-10 TTM lessons. Your overview report can give you important student and class data to see their progress. If they aren’t at that point yet, encourage them to work on TTM at home and over holiday breaks. The best implementations have students working consistently over an entire school year to ensure success.

Sumdog update


Here is a summary of the number of places in your new subscription:

Mathematics 240

Last day of subscription November 17, 2015

Your subscription is now ready to use. To get started, visit this page to assign your subscription places to specific students:

In case it helps, we've got some tutorial videos here:

I hope you enjoy using Sumdog. If you need help with your subscription, just reply to this e-mail

Kind Regards,

The Sumdog Team

Sumdog Assessments

2014 is nearly done. Time to test your students on Sumdog. As the year draws to a close, it's an excellent time to set a Sumdog assessment for your students. Sumdog's timed assessment only takes a minute or two to set up, and lets you view the results instantly across the whole class. As it's a pure computer-based assessment, there's no gameplay - just timed questions, with no marking visible. You choose the skills you want, and even regenerate the questions until you're happy with your test.

Click here to watch our training video.

If you have a subscription, you'll be able to run unlimited assessments for those students.

January Contest for TTM

A lot of students are not too sure that math is part of their daily lives. Many don’t believe that math really matters. This contest is going to change that.

Through the rest of January, we will provide examples of how math is all around you. We want to inspire you to see the world in a mathematical way. To get you thinking, check out the examples of math in art, technology, food, nature, sports and fashion on your student page. How to win the contest? Submit examples of how you encounter math every day and why that’s important!

All submissions must be received by midnight, January 31. Winners will be announced the week of February 9.

What You Need to Know

Entry categories and prizes...

  • Winners: 1 Classroom and 3 Individuals Student Prizes
  • Classroom Prize: $100 Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Subway or Wal-Mart gift card
  • Individual Student Prize: $50 Amazon gift card.

How to enter...

  • Submit a digital photo or drawing with a 150-word (minimum) essay that details how math is part of your everyday world and why that’s important. Save the description in Microsoft Word format, please.
  • Please include the following details with the submission:Though we encourage individual students to enter, only teachers may submit work on behalf of their classrooms or individual students. Teachers may submit unlimited numbers of individual student work but only one per student.
    • Student Name
    • Student Grade Level
    • Teacher Name
    • Class Name
    • School Name
    • District Name
  • Teachers many only submit one classroom writing per classroom.
  • Submission should be emailed to All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m., January 31, 2015.
  • To be eligible, you must be a current enrolled and active student/teacher in the TTM program

How will submissions be judged?Math Every Day submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria. Please consider these criteria carefully as you create your entry.

40% - Relevance of example to everyday life
30% - Quality of written narrative description
30% - Creativity / originality of the submission

Please download your own copy of the TTM Math Everyday 2015 Flyer HERE.

Lisa WiseClient Experience Manager
Motivation Manager
Think ThroughMath116 Federal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
866.357.8664 x127 office

February Contest

Texas THINKers, on Monday, February 2, your class will compete against every class across the entire state of Texas in the 3rd Annual Texas Lonestar Math Cup!

To be the top Texas math class in the state, your class needs to complete and pass as many math lessons as possible! Make a plan today that will increase your class standing and the chance that your class will be the TOP TEXAS CLASS hoisting the Texas Lonestar Math Cup this year!

Titles Up For Grabs:

The 2015 Texas Lonestar Math Cup State Champion - TOP class wins a TTM hosted awards event, state champion t-shirts, a really cool banner to hang in your school, exclusive Lonestar Math Cup certificates and the Lonestar Math Cup trophy!

The Texas Lonestar Math Cup Regional Champions – TOP class in each region will win a $50 pizza e-gift card to celebrate their victory.

Gurus of Giving – TOP class will win a $50 pizza e-gift card to honor their unselfish giving.

Evening and Weekend Warriors – TOP class will win a $50 pizza e-gift card to celebrate their hard work outside of the classroom.

Check out the 2015 Lonestar Math Cup Rules and Regulations that outlines all of the awards, recognition and prizes!