The Great Astronomer

by Ruby Chang

Caroline Herschel was born 16th of March 1750 Hanover, Germany. When Caroline was ten (1760), she caught a disease called typhus. This disease stopped her growing, therefore Caroline never grew any taller than four foot three. Caroline had five siblings Sir William Herschel, another great astronomer and the rest is unknown. Her Father, Issac Herschel wanted his 6 children to be educated in Maths, French and Music, therefore he responsible for Caroline's knowledge of mathematics. In 1772 when Caroline was 22she moved to England to become her brother's ( Sir William Herschel) house keeper but, slowly became his apprentice in astronomy. After being an apprentice Caroline became an astronomer.


Stellar Systems

Caroline Herschel discovered many things. One of those things she discovered was Stellar Systems. A Stellar System is constellations in the sky. This wonderful discovery has helped us today because Caroline found how stars were created, how stars work and how Stellar Systems can be used as a map called constellations.


From 1786 to 1797  Caroline discovered eight comets. The most significant one is the periodic comet. Periodic comets are comets that have orbital periods of less than 200 years. This information has helped us today by giving scientists a better understanding of comets and that understanding can be used to find out if a comet is going to hit us on Earth.


In 1786 Caroline discovered three new Nebulae. Nebulae are hazy clouds that are made of gases and stars. Stars in Nebuae are created in the hazy cloud. This research has helped the young scientists today by giving valuable information for further observations.

This information has been found because Caroline catalogued all the discoveries that her Brother and herself made.

Interesting facts

Some interesting facts are that she was the first woman astronomer to gain public attention and discover a comet. She has been give two awards. one of them was the Royal Astronomical Society, infact the presented her a gold medal for her brother's observations she made and the other award was for the King of Prussia's Gold Medal of Science.

In conclusion Caroline Herschel has had a amazing journey. She has made lots of significant discoveries which has helped today in all sorts of different ways.Her significant life sadly ended January 9th 1848.