My 7th grade year!

By: Amy Kotara

Top Ten Moments

1. School Volleyball!

School volleyball was so much fun! This was the first year that I played school sports. This season was so much fun because mostly all my friends play volleyball, so I got to play with all of them! We had an undefeated season! At the end of the season, we had a tournament that we won too! This was a great memory from this year.

Here's the volleyball team!

2. My 13th Birthday

My 13th birthday was super fun! On my actual birthday, October 23, I got an edible arrangement and other gifts! I also went to Hibachi for my birthday dinner! Hibachi is my favorite restaurant. The weekend after my birthday, I had a party with all my friends! We ate pasta, played capture the flag, went in my hot tub, had a fire, and of course ate cake! My birthday was a blast!  

Our cook at Hibachi making an onion volcano for us!

3. Christmas Break

Christmas break was really fun! I had a great time hanging out with my family! One day we made chocolate at my aunt's house. On Christmas eve, I went to one of my grandma's house. I got to see all my family, including my second family! After that, we went to Midnight Mass with my Grandparents. Christmas morning, my family opened our presents. My favorite present was my new flat screen tv! Then I went to my grandma's and got to see my family again. We have so much fun together!

Some of my cousins and I on Christmas eve!

4. SNowmobiling

Snowmobiling was a highlight of my year. We got our snowmobiles last year, so I was just learning how to use them. This year I actually got to go on trips. The trips were really fun! We would go snowmobiling for a couple of hours then stop and eat. Click the button to see a video of me snowmobiling on some local trails!

5. JO Volleyball

I play JO volleyball. JO stands for Junior Olympic. It's basically a travel volleyball team that you practice during the week and have tournaments on the weekends. I played at the club AVC this season. This season was good. We didn't win any tournaments, but we finished well in each of them. I made so many memories this season! My position is a DS. DS means defensive specialist. This means that I focus on defense, or passing the ball. I played on the same team as Shelby and Savannah Brownfield. We had so much fun this season!

I listen to this song before I go to tournaments. It's such an inspiring song, so it gets me pumped up and ready to play!

6. School FOrmal

The school formal was one of the highlights of my year! Before the dance, I went over my friend's house to get ready. We ate some pizza and veggies, then helped each other do our hair! We got our dresses on and our parents came to take pictures. We took so many! After the picture session, we went to the dance. Everyone looked amazing! It was a fun night that I spent with all my friends dancing and having fun!

We even took a Polaroid! So many pictures!

7. SPring Break

Spring break is one of my my favorite memories this school year! I got to hang out with my family, so it was really fun! I also got to sleep in, which made it even better! I colored Easter eggs before Easter with my aunt, cousins, and grandparents. We dyed ten dozen eggs! On that same day we made sekanice, which is a Bohemian Easter meatloaf. On Easter, I found my basket and opened it. I got a pair of Sperrys (boat shoes), which were my favorite gift. I went to church, then went to my aunts. I got to see all my extended family! It was so much fun! It was warm, which made the break so much better! I had a great spring break!

8. Track

Track was a highlight of my year! It was a great season. The three events that I ran this season were 100 meter hurdles, 200 meter hurdles, and the 4 by 2 relay. The eighth graders are really good, so I never got first or second, but I placed third at one of the meets! We were CVC champions! We blew the competition away! The weather wasn't so great, but we pushed through and won!

Here's me hurdling

9. Camp

I think camp was my favorite memory from this school year! I had a great cabin! We all got along, which made camp stress free. I loved all the activities that we did! My two favorites were outdoor cooking or camo games. I can't decide an absolute favorite! We also made so many memories! I had the best counselor Jen! She was so nice and funny! I wish camp was longer! The button below is now the "official camp song" because they had us stand in a big circle at the dance and they played this song. Everyone remember this great song now!

10. Memorial Weekend

On memorial weekend, I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina. I went to Charlotte Motor Speedway for two NASCAR races. I go to Michigan in the summer for more races, but my dad got my family tickets for North Carolina and we didn't pass up the opportunity! They are a blast! It was really warm, which made the races even better! The driver I like came in 3rd on Saturday, and 12th on Sunday. We also stopped at the Hendrick Headquarters and got to see where the team makes the car. I had a blast!

Here's a video showing the cars go all the way around the track. The track is one and a half miles long!

HELA Memories

Outsiders Day

Outsiders day was a fun day! I dressed up as a greaser. Most of the grade were greasers also. During our class, we got to go to different stations and do different activities. The stations were a kahoot rumble, a cotton ball and Vaseline challenge, and the one word guessing game. They were fun! It was fun seeing everyone dressed up! Overall it was a fun day! Outsiders was a great book! The movie was good too!

Our class ready to rumble!

Chuzzlewit's Challenge Day

Chuzzlewit's rode of trials was challenging! It was also really fun! The stations were interesting! When we first got there, Chuzzlewit was waiting for us. He was a little bit scary! We all were wearing white so we were able to pass, but there was a threshold guardian there!  We beat the little monster waiting at the door and entered the cave. We had seven minutes to complete each station. We had to get points at the end of the class, but we only got nine! After Mr. Kowalski looked over all of our work, we earned another point! We didn't have to do a huge project! Great job class!

Core: Science

Science was so much fun! I had a great teacher that helped us understand the concepts by hands along activates. We did a couple of presentations, many experiments, and watched many videos! I had a great class too! We learned about many new things this year, so there was never a dull moment. Listen and get involved in the class to fully understand the material, was one way I did well in the class. I had a great year in science!

7th Grade camp

Camp was so much fun! The activities were great! On Monday, we had dance and Chinese/American games. The dances were pretty easy to learn. The games were fun, especially the Chinese jump rope! On Tuesday morning, we did creek/pond study and survivor. First we did survivor, which was fun because most of the things were really easy. At creek study we got to walk in the pond and catch things! we also walked up the creek! In the afternoon we went fishing. It was really windy so fishing didn't work out really well. On Wednesday, we had outdoor cooking and ultimate Frisbee in the morning! Outdoor cooking was amazing!! Ultimate Frisbee was really fun too! In the afternoon, we did camo games! They were so much fun! It was boys vs. girls! The girls won! Wednesday was my favorite day! On Thursday morning, we did arts and crafts and orienteering. I tie dyed my tee-shirt orange and pink! Then i made a melty bead heart. At orienteering, we had to find our way around camp. Chloe and I finished first, so we got lots of candy! Thursday afternoon, we had the rock wall and challenge course. I was first up the rock wall. It was really fun zip-lining down! The challenge course was really fun, but also very tricky! I had a great week at camp!

To incoming 7th Graders

Survival Tips:

Here are a few tips so you get through 7th grade easily!

1. Do your homework!   To pass each class, you must do your homework so you understand what you are learning. I know it gets boring sometimes, but doing it helps!

2. Stay organized!    Keeping your papers, binders, and locker organized helps a lot. When a teacher asked you to pull out a worksheet, you can easily take it out instead of searching through stacks of paper. You also will have all your work ready for when you do your homework!

3. Don't Procrastinate!   Waiting until the last minute is never a good option! Have a plan and get your work done on time. When you wait until the very last moment, you rush and can't concentrate, causing you to not understand it. Get your work done on time!

4. Ask for help of you don't understand!   If you are confused, don't just blow by it. Ask a friend or teacher for help. The best source is a teacher, but if you can't see them, ask a friend at least. If you are learning something, that means it will be important, so if you just skip it or act like you know it, you will do bad on a test or quiz. Also you will get lost in class! Remember ask for help!

These tips will help you survive 7th grade and all grades!

School is a flower, it's your choice to soak in the knowledge and bloom, or just fade away.
-Amy Kotara

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I had a great volleyball year with you😘 Great project!!!

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I like all of your pictures. Camp was a great time with the cabin.😃

2 years ago

Missing volleyball with you! Good job with the pictures! (just cause i'm in some of them)😉

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I really liked your Tackk Amy! You have amazing photos!

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Good job. Nice pictures and videos.

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Snowmobiling seems to be so much fun!

2 years ago

I agree with Ronen. The links/buttons to videos and pictures were a nice touch. You also provided a lot of detailed explanations with great GPS.