Amelia Earhart

1. Amelia's childhood

Amelia wasn't your average little girl who played with dolls and had tea parties,instead, her and her little sister would build rollercoasters out of wood in there back yard.Amelia found a desire for adventure and speed at a young age. She loved the sensation of soaring through the air, even as a young girl.

2. when did she discover she wanted to fly?

Amelia actually became a red cross volunteer in December 1917, where she saw a plane flying up-close. While others ran when the plane would come near them, Amelia would just stand there and watch, fascinated by the plane. It is believed right then, Amelia new she wanted to fly a plane.So, in 1922, Amelia bought her first plane and took lessons from Neta Snook, an instructor.

3. Amelia's Accomplishments

Amelia Earhart has set quite a few records in her time. She was the first woman to fly higher than 14,000 ft ,she set a women's speed record of 181 miles per hour in 1929, was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean, set an altitude record of 18,431 ft in 1931, published a book in 1928, and was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross.

4. How did Amelia effect women's rights?

Back when Amelia was alive, society told woman her age the only way they could be happy is if the were married and had kids. Amelia showed many woman that they didn't need a husband or kids to be happy and they could go and do whatever career they wanted to do and still be happy and live a good life. She also spoke out and had speeches about equality between men and woman and really helped woman get to where we are today.

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