Eve Merriam

Created by; Haley Parrisher


     Eve Merriam was many things including a poet, a director, and a lecturer. She was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, on July 19, 1916. Eve attended many collages including  Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin,  and Columbia University.  she died in 1992, at the age of 76

.        Eve Merriam  was named the winner of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. in 1981. Eve Merriam wrote both poems and books. The poem i'm sharing is one of  her most popular poems.

"Simile; Willow and Ginkgo " By; Eve Merriam

The willow is like an etching,

Fine-lined against the sky.
Then ginkgo is like a crude sketch,
Hardly worthy to be signed.
The willow’s music is like a soprano,
Delicate and thin.
The ginkgo’s tune is like a chorus
With everyone joining in.

The willow is sleek as a velvet-nosed calf,
The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull.
The willow’s branches are like silken thread;
The ginkgo’s like stubby rough wool.

The willow is like a nymph with streaming hair;
Wherever it grows, there is green and gold and fair.
The willow dips to the water,
Protected and precious, like the king’s favorite daughter.

The ginkgo forces its way through gray concrete;
Like a city child, it grows up in the street.
Thrust against the metal sky,
Somehow it survives and even thrives.
My eyes feast upon the willow,
But my heart goes to the ginkgo.

this is a narrative poem

This poem includes similes example; The ginkgo is as leathery as an old bull

my opinion of the poem

      I think that the author Eve Merriam, meant that you should not judge something by its looks and you should make your own opinions of something or someone sometimes.

I chose this poem because my fifth grade teacher read it to my class I've read it about ten times since then because it is one of my favorite poems. The reason i love this poem is because I like its message

poetry elements

    In this poem I found similes

example ; like a city child it grew up in the street