Top 5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Property Agent?

Buying a property is a milestone in everyone’s life. It is an important investment and one should make it a point that he or she is making a very good decision or choice. A property deal is not something you can easily back out from especially if it is agreed upon already.

Just like any other decisions, the key here is knowledge. If you know a great deal about it then most likely you will have a better choice. Asking questions is as important as the answer itself. Learn how to ask relevant questions so that you will receive the proper answers. So, before you head out on closing your deal with your property agent, check out the top 5 questions you need to ask before dealing with your property agent.

Exactly what is included in the sale? Other people see this question as lame but it is important to ask these kind of questions even if the answer seems so obvious. So, what exactly is included in the ‘property’ I am acquiring? Is the garden shed or greenhouse included? Are the fixtures and fittings? Exactly where does the boundary lie? Make sure you see all of what you are getting. It is not unknown for most of the contents to be included in the sale.

How long has the property been on the market? Know the workings of the property you are thinking of buying. If the house has been on the market a very long time. You can ask the property agent why he or she thinks it isn’t being very marketable. There may be underlying problems why the property isn’t sellable. ERA agents in Singapore are very honest and they will tell you all the facets of the property you plan to acquire.

What is the minimum price the seller will accept? Let us face it, it will all boil down to money. Asking if their bottom line is negotiable can save you a lot of money. After all, this is all business. ERA agents will often give you an estimation that you can negotiate. Make sure you fish out all the possible price they can give you.

What can they tell you about the local neighbourhood? Inquire about the neighborhood. What is it like? How are the facilities? How near is your potential property to major thoroughfares and institutions? What are the schools like? What is the crime rate like? How good are transport links? Where is the nearest petrol station? These are just some of the questions you need to ask your ERA agent. While it is a good idea to see what the estate agent has to say, make sure you do some independent research as well.

Have any major works been conducted? If so, are you able to have a look at the relevant planning and building control consents? It would be awful if you bought your dream home only to find out you would have to knock half of it down.