My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-15

Daisy Baltazar P.9


E-Mails and Blogs- In emails and blogs we learned how to make a blog and how to send emails with we did almost all year sending emails to the teacher or to others.We used Gmail to send emails and we used Blogger to create are own blogs in which we posted things like some of are work in class.

Digital Photography- In digital photography we used cameras to learn how to kind of take pictures and upload them up in the computer.

Keynote Presentations- In Keynote we learned how to do basic presentations and in Keynote we also did a project named Creature in which we talked about a creature that we created are selfs in Photoshop.

Video Production- In video production we made videos and created a trailer in iMovie as a project. We also used cameras for this.

Sound Engineering- In sound engineering we learned to mix, cut, and create sound in the computer. It is a bit hard to do but easy at the same time.

Photoshop- In photoshop we learned how to change, create, update images. In photoshop we made a lot of things for example the images down bellow, they were done in photoshop.

Desktop Publishing/Pages- In pages we made business cards and other things that would mainly be done in pages like write a paper.

Animation- In animation we learned the evolution of animation first starting with Walt Disney and how he and another man created Mickey Mouse and all the cartoons that first came out. Also how in every second in a cartoon there is 24 frames put all together.

Fashion Design- In fashion design we created are own fashion collection and we used photoshop to create them and used Tackk and Wix to make a website for are fashion collection. Also in the unit of fashion we learned how there is many different parts in fashion we learned how it takes a lot of math to get everything right.

Game Design- In game design we learned about the evolution of games; how it all started all the way to games today. We also created are own game in Gamestar Mechanics. The history of gaming is amazing it was nothing of what I thought but it turned out to be the unbelievable. It talks about consuls and how they started changing overtime.

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