Niels bohr


Niels Henrik David Bohr was a Danish physicist and later a Nobel prize winner in 1922. Born on October 7th 1885 in Copenhagen Denmark, Niels spent most of his life living and studying in his hometown of Copenhagen except for his brief visits to England. While in England he stayed at Cambridge and studied with Sir J.J. Thompson and professor Rutherford.

       Niels spent most of his time in Copenhagen, Denmark. He also made a trip to help work on the Manhattan project o the first atom bomb with his quantum theory, and knowledge of how the atom works.

        The Bohr model was discovered in the 1920's in Cambridge England. He created a detailed model of the atom in the 1920's which became known as the Bohr model which scientist still use today.His discoveries of the atom changed physics for ever. His Bohr model was used to create a detailed look at all elements on the periodic table of elements.

        After all of his life long accomplishments Niels Bohr died peacefully on November 18,1962 in his hometown of Copenhagen Denmark a little over a month after his 77th birthday.

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