Those fuzzy things

Baby meerkats

Meerkat ecosystems

Meerkats live in deserts

In the dessert it is hot and does not rain a lot the avrage degrees in 43.5 celcious

Animals and plants in the meerkat ecosystems

A kangaroo rabbit
Black tailed jack-rabbit

Scientific name
suricatta curicatta

M.A.D Theory

Fire: adapt it would go in there  holes and wait for it to end

Tornados: die they would get sucked in it and get swong around

Sand storms: adapt the would hide till it's over

Floods : ..............trick question


Meerkats prey are bugs mouse nicest flies and

Meerkats prey are. Hyenas large birds such as eagles and snakes also meerkat

Fun facts

-meerkats live in groups of 10-50 meerkats

-meerkats can stand on there hind legs

-meerkats are about 1 foot tall

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