Child Soldiers

Who are they?

In the world of today, we can still count over than 300, 000 child soldiers. They are children under the age of 18 who are serving in government forces or armed opposition groups. In facts, some of the kids who are involved in armed conflicts are under the age of 10 years old. Also, 40% of them are located in Africa. Every year a lot of childs are recruited by forces to fight ort o do domestic chores like cleaning or cooking. For those who foghts, they can play a wide variety of roles like human shield, suicide bomber, spies or guards. The issue isn't only related to the boys. In other words, there is a lots of girl who are recuited too. They are actually used for sexual purpose.

The consequences on them are horrifying! The physical effects of war : some will be killed by bullets or a bomb, some will die because hospitals and health centres are destroyed, many girls and young womens will be raped and they will end up with a baby and some of them will be injuried in such a way they will never be able to have childrens in the future. Psychologically, it is not uncommon to see kid suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder. It's a trauma that many men from the First World War have been suffering of. Futhermore, the effects of the conflicts can affect their ability to create healthy relationships in the future. Finally, some of th childs who fights will turn to alcohol or drugs to forget what they have done or have seen but they already know what those things are because those who force them to join the movement are giving them drugs so they know know what they are doing and they make them kill other people and sometimes it is their own father or mother.

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