Sleep Is Important!

By: Brittney

Reasons why sleep is important. The first reason why sleep is important, you need sleep to have energy during the day. You don't want to be sleepy or feeling sick the next day its not fun. The second reason is because it can affect your health, if your not getting the sleep you need you can get sick. The third reason is because it helps you grow.

Everyone is different and has different times they go to bed. Usually its between seven to ten hours. I get nine hours of sleep each night. It all depends on the person.

Five tips to sleep better! First put your electronics away at night when your trying to sleep. Second, if you watch TV and trying to sleep at the same time maybe shut if off before you go to sleep. Third, temperature your sleeping in really effects how you sleep. Some people like to sleep in cold, some people sleep in warm temperature. Forth, make sure you have a comfortable bed and pillow. And fifth have a hot bath or shower before bed it really helps people sleep.

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