The busy city of Tokyo is in the very great subtropical climate zone. This climate zone is very humid, which makes the air heavy. In Tokyo, the temperatures are very moderate. I think this is because it is located on island which is surrounded by water. Water takes long to heat up and cool down the land, so the water will help to keep the temperatures close together. It is located at 35.5 degrees N. This is not on the equator so the temperatures do not get and stay extremely hot. The highs are rarely above mid nineties and the lows are around freezing. The precipitation levels are very high, but the precipitation in rarely snow in the plains because he temperature does not get low enough. The rainy season is in the summer. In the mountains where the elevation is higher, the elevation is higher in the west so at the top of the mountains, there is snow.  These mountains cause some of the wind to be blocked, but are not large enough to create a rain shadow effect. Japan is mostly mountains and the rest is plains. Japan is completely surrounded by water. This makes the temperature ranges lower, because, as stated before, water takes longer to heat up and cool down than land does. If you like to fish, then Japan would be a good place to visit. Japan has over 2,000 fishing ports. Tokyo is on the biggest island of the country Japan. Which is located in the subtropical climate zone.

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