The Grooviest 5 Tips For Being Online
                                 By: Stacia Lemburg

Tip # 1: Don't give them your real name.

It is very important not to give a stranger you real name because they might contact you on the internet or they might ask people about you'r information.

Tip #2: Don't  respond if they message you.

Don't respond if they message you because you never know if it is a fake person and they might keep bothering you.

Tip #3: Always make up a fake account.

If you make up a fake account they will never know nothing about you'r information and they won't know anything about you.

Tip #4: Don't write you'r information on the internet.

If you type you'r information on the internet a stranger will find out you'r information and will probably  hunt you down.

Tip #5: Don't share you'r passwords for anything with you'r friends, only you'r parents.

If you share you'r password with you'r friends, they might go and log in to one of you'r accounts and they might talk or post something inappropriate to people.

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