Mecca McCall Bonaparte

First show as a drummer successful ;)

1. I am a complete gamer.

2. I love League of Legends, World of Warcraft, every game by Square Enix and every game by Nintendo. (these are video games)

3. Im a musician, that plays way too many instruments but loves music. I dont play Tuba though. yeah no.

4. I belive I can fly.

5. Im getting purple contacts next week and moving to Japan after I graduate from here. My hair will be light green soon.

6. I can speak fluent Japanese and im learning Thai, Chinese, French, Korean and i'm almost fluent in German, then on to Russian because im obsessed with foreign languages.

Im really nerdy... I love science and Magic The Gathering ~(magical nerdy card game), Oh my god Dance Dance Revolution is my life ~ (basically tap dancing to techno on a dance pad) I have watched hundreds of anime. Hundreds. of anime. Hundreds. of anime.

Oh and I'm 15, my birthday is 5 days before Christmas ^^

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3 years ago

Excited to work with you in class this year! I used to be very good at DDR, haven't tried in awhile though.