Competition Homework

1 What is meant by the term ‘brand image?’

The general impression of a product held by real or potential consumers.

2 What brand image might businesses want for the following products? (a) Helmets for building sites, (b) a club in town centre, (c) a local taxi service.

A local taxi services because, firstly it’ll be local for the customers and it would also spread the brand locally.

3 What is meant by the term ‘after-sales service’?

After sales service refers to the service a customer is entitled to after purchasing something from a retail outlet

4 State two types of after-sales service that could be given by a garage.

If the customer is unsatisfied with their purchase for any reason, they may get a refund or replacement, depending on the terms and conditions of purchase, and also if a person get a new thing fixed in their car, they will be able to get something else for free.

5 Explain why a business might want to develop a brand.

A business might want to develop a brand because it’ll want to be known and promoted even higher, so they can get even more profit.

6 Using an example, explain the term ‘product range’ of a business.

A series of different products made by the same company which form a group (such as different models of cars)

7 List two benefits to customers from competition.

-The products would improve to show off to the customers.

-More shops would be made for local customers.

8 State three strengths and three weaknesses to a business of opening a small independent sports shop.


-Sporty kids would come

-Sport facilities in the area

- Fun and enjoyable


-Not very sporty people live there

-Small amount of products

-Less sports facilities

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