My Background.

My name is Jaeger Kelby. I am 16 years old.

i am for the confederacy.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama

Today is May 20th, 1862. My journal this week will be for the dates may 21st-25th.

I live with my wife Jenny. And my brother Jack and he is in the war. He was stationed at fort jackson.

Day 1, May 21, 1862

I woke up this morning and did my daily morning chores.

1. make my family breakfast.

2. Do the laundry and make sure my brothers cloths for battle are washed.

3. I need to go outside and feed our dog.

4. Go to the river and catch some lunch.

Than this afternoon i went and did my 4 afternoon chores.

1. I go and catch some dinner to put in cooler.

2. I make sure that the dog has more food and water.

3. hang up the laundry to dry.

4. take down the other laundry and fold it.

I help the effort of the war by making sure my brother has clothes and is fed and ready for war.

Day 2, May 22, 1862

Dear Jack,

Hey jack i have heard about the battle of fort sumpter the one you fought in. I saw a newspaper article and just wanted to make sure your alright. Please right back to me.

Day 3, May 23, 1862

I woke up this morning and had to do some more chores.

1. i had to clean the house this morning

2. wash the dishes from last night

3.i had to go hunt some food for lunch

4. I had to fold the laundry.

and then this afternoon i.

1.i cooked dinner for the family.

2. About 2 hours later i cleaned all the dishes

3. Then i went and caught dinner

4. Then i cooked dinner.

i helped the war effort by making sure my family is healthy and clean.

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