Move to Luxurious Constantinople

Breaking News ~ Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church are now separate churches. ~ Alexa Danahy

The Byzantine Empire

What person wouldn't want to live in this amazing empire? Its very well protected and guarded, there are tons of trade markets with valuable goods, there are exciting chariot races, and is also claimed to be the most wealthiest city in the world!

Property Details

We are working very hard to build new bridges, public bathes, parks, roads, and hospitals. It will surely complement the structure of our city and most definitely make it better. There is also our flawless Orthodox church, with rich decor, fashioned mosaics and painted murals. (Some say its like entering gods kingdom.) But other than buildings and churches, there are walls on each side of the city, providing protection, there are trading markets with items such as Ivory, silk, furs, perfumes, and other luxury goods. And don't forget about your Hippodrome Chariot Racing Stadium! Come see races that will knock you off your socks! But which side will you choose, Blue or Green?

East and West Resolved

The final break has finally come! Matters between east and west come to a head! After the excruciating excommunication of Cerularius, he responded by excommunicating the cardinal himself. This was obviously showing that the split, or schism, between east and west is complete. So for now, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are now now separate churches! Constantinople is now a safe city to live in!

Map of Constantinople

So what do you think? Do you want to live in Constantinople? If so, here is the map to your destination and we hope to see you there very soon!

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