Water problems in Turkey


As the graph shows turkey has a much larger population than Syria and Iraq. The graph also shows that the populations have increased. The changes in the population in the country shows that the bigger the population the bigger the water need. The changes in the regions population show that the region will need more water because of all the new people moving into the country.

Water availability in turkey

The graph shows that Turkey has access to a lot more water than other places. The graph also shows that Turkey gets most of its water from the inside of the country. Turkey has lots more water than other countries especially it all coming from inside the country.

Water needs

The graph shows that turkey needs the most water so that they can use it for agricultural needs. A conclusion I can make is that Turkeys water needs are very basic because we are not asking for all of it just enough for agricultural needs.


This is the beautiful country of Turkey.

Internal vs. external

Lots of water inside the country.

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