Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Harrison Roskopp

Chapters 1-2

"Oh, I feel some concern for my future, all right. Sure. Sure, I do"(Salinger 17).

Chapters 3-4

"All of the sudden--for no good reason, really, except that I was sort of in the mood for horsing around--I felt like jumping off the washbowl and getting old Stradlater in a half nelson"(Salinger 34).

This quote reveals Holden's more childish and innocent side he has. Holden is essentially playing around with his roomate at the bathroom next to his room in pencey prep. A half nelson is a wrestling move were one arm goes under a persons armpit and around their neck forcing them to turn the angle of their body. Childishly  Holden is horsing around because he likes to get a kick out of things when he is feeling bored. Also this characterizes Holden in the sense that he is a funny kid that enjoys a little bit of humor in life.

Chapters 5-6

In chapter six Stradlater's nocturnal side is shown when he returns to his dorm late after spending time with his date Jane. Also Stradlater has an elated appearance, and his more extreme or wild side is revealed when he begins to throw jabs at Holden. Holden does not enjoy Stradlater, so he decides to annoy him and take a smoke, which is breaking the rules of Pencey. Another important matter is the indelible death of Holden's younger brother Allie. Now I realize Holden's hat is far from irrelevant, and is important that the color is red because his brother's hair was red like the hat. As tensions rose between Holden and Stradlater over the essay the room became tacit.

Chapters 7-13

7. Why can Holden not stop thinking about Jane and Stradlater's date? Does Holden have feelings for Jane?

8. Why does Holden create such an elablrate lie about the person Ernest Morrow is, instead of just telling Ernest's mother the truth about his real personality?

9. What is the significance of the reoccuring question Holden asks, where do the ducks go when the lagoon is frozen?

10. Why does Holden associate himself with people, like the girls at the nightclub, that he knows are phonies, even though he hates phonies?

11. What do you think happened between Jane and her stepfather that made her cry?

12. Why did Horwitz become angry when Holden asked him the same question about the ducks?

13. Why did Holden hire a prostitute? Do you think he is feeling really lonesome being all by himself?

John Green description

John Green's first main point involves image. He explains how our society is primarily based around an image we cans see. For instance tv and movies reveal an image of a depicted theme or even the image from a book. J.D. Salinger obviously has strong feelings against Hollywood because the book is not able to be produced into a movie due to his choice. In the beginning Holden mentions how phony Hollywood is, and the repect that he lost from his brother for entering into the industry. The second main point is that Holden is trying to freeze time because he does not want to become an adult. He believes that adults are phony, and is the primary reason Holden acts childish. The second point develops into the third main point, which is time cirulates and goes around and around. He changes because he realizes that losing your innocence does not make you a phony. Phoebe, Holden's sister, reveals the idea that ones innocence is not lost, but continues to remain a part of his or her's life.

Chapters 14-17

14. Why did Holden let Maurice pin him against the wall and go to bed right after? How come he did not file a report to the hotel owner or police?

15. Why does Holden call Sally to go on a date with him when he really loves Jane?

16. Why does Holden want time to be frozen like the artifacts in the museum? What does Holden not like about change?

17. Why does Holden want to run away from all the phonies in society? How do the phonies contrast with change?

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