John Jay College of Criminal Justice

JonQuanetta Barnett

Mascot: BloodHound

Major: Forensic Sciences

History and Origin

John Jay College of Criminal Justice was born in the mid-1950's. The catalyst for the school came from growing concerns on the part of civic leaders and the New York City Police Department over increased complexity of police work in the administration and operation of the department, and the ongoing relations between police and the community.

The school's namesake, John Jay, was the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and one of the founding fathers of the United States. Jay was a native of New York City and served as governor of New York State.

Today, John Jay is one of the nation’s premier criminal justice and liberal arts institutions. The college brings together Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty and undergraduate/graduate students in diverse liberal arts disciplines to engage with issues of justice and diversity.

Letter of Recommendation

For Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on the behalf of Ms. JonQuanetta Barnett-Jones for her letter of recommendation for the Forensic Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As a student, Ms. Jones was an excellent person who excelled in her mathematical and science classes. She participated fully with everything she did, and always was a good sport with her peers. Her dedication to making sure her choices, whether they had to do with school work or otherwise, were the right ones was admirable, and shows how willing she is to learn and develop.

During her four years of high school education, she participated in many extracurriculars such as Track and Field, Student Council and Orchestra. Ms. Jones put in hard work to maintain an eighty five and above average and to make sure that what she did was great. Her work ethic was and remains an amazing thing. In church, she participated in community service such as cleaning the streets and feeding the homeless. Her caring personality allows her to be an inspiration and a joy to those she surrounds herself with.

Growing up takes a toll on every person, and it does not always change people for the better. JonQuanetta, on the other hand, has taken aging in stride. She has grown into a beautiful young women and will blossom into an even more successful and outgoing women at whatever university she goes to. If you would like to speak to me further about Ms. Jones, then please contact me at

Carolyn Mason

Biology Department Chair

AP Biology Teacher

Pebble Hills High School

El Paso, TX 79938


Persuasive Essay

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Persuasive Essay

I would like to attend this college because it fits my future career choice perfectly: forensic sciences. I also want to learn more about the world of criminal Justice and Law, because it intrigues me so much. Something about this field just appeals to my attention. I like to know how these people and victims died and what was the cause of their death. I think justice should be served in the court of law because there is so much happening right now in the world and some of these guilty people are walking away free because they claim “self-defense”. Its not “self-defense” if you aren't being attacked. Or the innocent people that go to jail for something that they did not do. There is no evidence that matches the suspect to show that they did, or in fact commit the accused crimes.

Honestly I did not even know that I liked science until this year (freshman year). I always thought that i wanted to be an engineer. That’s all i wanted to be in middle school. A very small part of me still want to be an engineer. I love math and and technology but my love and passion for science is even more than you can imagine. I want to deal and be associated with all things and fields in forensics.I want to be a forensic scientist because i have always loved watching the CSI shows with my Nana. I know its not real but the science and the thing that they talk about in the show interested me. I felt smart because I had learned something new that I could go back and tell my mom.

I really want to go to John Jay College of Criminal Justice because I think that it will be a great experience and a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice will open doors for me to get a job in this particular field of study. I understand that this is a medical field and the classes that are required will be difficult at times but I am ready and prepared to take on new challenges and responsibilities that will enable to go to the next level. The program itself will be very rigorous since they are pre-med classes and also require the same amount of focus, dedication, and effort (if not more).


To become an assistant forensic scientist, (equivalent to a technical specialist), you will need at least four good GCSE passes, including English and either science (biology/chemistry) or maths, and at least one A-level or equivalent in a science subject.

Fight Song?

As i was researching this college I discovered that there was no fight song.

Career Description

Forensic scientists provide impartial scientific evidence for use in courts of law to support the prosecution or defense in criminal and civil investigations.

They are primarily concerned with searching for and examining contact trace material associated with crimes. This material can include:

  1. blood and other body fluids;
  2. hairs;
  3. fibres from clothing;
  4. paint and glass fragments;
  5. tyre marks;
  6. and flammable substances used to start fires.

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