Flipgrid Uses for Learning

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Flipgrid Uses for Learning

William Ward




There are different levels of flipgrid that can be purchased. Each level has a limit on grids that can be used. A grid can be used for a group, class, team, etc. The k-12 level allows for 10 grids with unlimited questions and videos at a cost of $65 per year. There is a limit of 30 students per class at the k-12 level. The university level allows for 5 grids, also with unlimited questions and videos at a cost of $60 per year. There is limit of 20 students per class at the university level. The organization level allows for 5 grids with unlimited questions and videos. There is no limit to the amount of user on the organization level. All levels come email support and FAQ. The k-12 level also comes with 24/7 phone support.

Supported platforms:

Flipgrid is available online with a computer with a webcam and microphone and with iOS devices.


Flipgrid is an online video discussion site that allows a leader or teacher to post a discussion question or topic and allows a group or class to participate in the discussion by posting their response with a quick video. It was created in 2011 and now has several clients and partners. It was developed at the University of Minnesota at the Institute for Design Innovation. Flipgrid uses flash, and works on computers and mobile devices. The users do need to have internet access to use Flipgrid. Each device will also have to have a camera and microphone of some sort. The iOS devices are ready to use, but a computer or laptop might need some extra setup before Flipgrid can be used. Flipgrid also has technical support if any questions or problems arise while you are using Flipgrid. There are different levels of support depending on the package purchased.



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Educational Uses:

There are several educational uses for Flipgrid that come to mind. One use would be to have a class discussion using Flipgrid. Another would be have students work together in groups using Flipgrid to communicate. The last would be to use Flipgrid for homework. Each student could be assigned a problem that they have to explain to their class on Flipgrid.

#idt7064 #idtmemphis #edtech

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