CIC Virtual School


What is going to happen?

1) Attendance (google chat, Edmodo - Note, Schoology - Discussion or update)

2) Instructions (Google email, edmodo note, schoology - discussion or update)

3) Other teaching instructions -
a) video (youtube, khan academy etc)
b) presentation
c) self-created video (screen-o-matic)
d) virtual classroom (twiddla)

4) students' work/assessment -
a) google docs/presentation
b) scanned notebook
c) picture (mobile phone)
D) online poster/presentation
e) practice online sites (khan academy, ten marks)

1) Go over your instructions & reminders in class especially if you're using an online tool.

2) some students will tell you -
"I don't know how to do this"
" My internet is slow, I cannot watch the video"
" I already emailed it to you"
"I did not get your email"
" I cannot log in"
"My phone does not have camera & we don't have a scanner either"
" I cannot download your powerpoint"
"Your ppt does not open in my laptop"

3) write your instructions in bullet form or numbered, preferably in short sentences.

Introduce a new online tool for the sake of virtual school.

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