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Yoga Studios Vs Gyms – Making The Difficult Choice Between The Two

There are many ways in which you can go ahead with your fitness regime. There are different exercise routines that you can follow, different places and trainer types that you can take advantage of.. there are even specialist philosophies that follow unique approaches to health and wellness and all of them have been found to be effective to some or the other degree. Any newbie to the fitness world is bound to get confused.

One of the biggest questions that usually arise in people’s minds is the choice between yoga studios and gyms. The case happens to be quite common and mostly people leverage their decision of certain personal factors like location, commute and the like. But let us look deeper into the real issues that should be influencing your decision here.


This is one of the most important factors that influence this choice. Yoga studios are usually dedicated to the art and practice and will hold a work out session that involves different poses and asanas only. This can help you save on time as a typical yoga workout will not last longer than an hour or maximum an hour and a half. Buy with yoga gyms, you will usually look to combine the asanas with other forms of workouts like cardio, strength building exercises and the like. This can significantly stretch the tenure of your session.


An important aspect to look at when selecting between yoga studios and gyms is self preference. Are you a morning person? Will you be able to last on a regime that consists of a single exercise form or will you get bored out? Are you open to mixing and matching in terms of workouts or will you prefer to completely master a single form of practice first? These questions will definitely solve some of the perplexities in your mind.

Quality of teaching

Here you will have to consider the aims you are joining the class for. If you are looking for a simple workout and don’t really care about how accurate the training is, taking yoga classes at a gym can be an easy way out. However if you are more interested in learning yoga thoroughly and professionally, it is better to join a studio where a well practiced expert can teach you the asanas in the most accurate manner possible.


This is a factor that varies from case to case. Some yoga studios are insanely expensive while you can get the same kind of training at a gym with a much lower price tags. In other cases, yoga studios in some parts of the city might be cheaper than a full fledged gym membership in which you might not even use most of the services offered. You will simply have to compare the options you are considering.

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