Living Inside and Out



Our animal lives on a tropical island. It is mixed with a meadow flower, spinoloricus,red seaweed,and mushrooms. The flower makes medicine. Mushrooms decompose things. Red seaweed can make ice cream. You make the ice cream using yeast and milk. If we are on an island with coconuts,we can use the coconut milk to make the ice cream. Red seaweed is also edible. Spinoloricus can't drown. That means that our animal won't drown. Our animal is a panther.

Our panther looks weird. It has spots from the red seaweed. The mushrooms are its ears. The flower is its tail. The spinoloricus is connected to the meadow flower. The body is red.The teeth are sharp. It fights other animals to protect us and to get food. It can hunt underwater. It can hide from predators underwater as well. Our animal eats most everything.

The new animal is kind of like the old animal. The new animal acts like the old animal. The only difference is the new animal can breathe underwater.The physical appearance is really different.  The panther is black. The pantheroom is red with spots.

There are many reasons our organism can defiantly survive. It can breathe underwater. This means it can hunt underwater. It also can hide from predators underwater. The good thing though is the panther has very few predators. The panthers speed helps it to hunt. When it catches its prey,it kills it with its teeth.           

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