Somalia The Best Country in The world

Santiago paredes

This flag makes me very very proud of my own country. This flag is the somalian flag and i honor it with my heart.

This kid above in the picture is smoking and with a RPG because he dosen't have life. He fights in the bloody war of Somalia.

In Somalia there are many many crimes. This picture is a pirate flag. There are a lot of pirates the steal stuff and are mean.

This is the capital city of Somalia. I don't Know his name but i know that is very big and very very nice. 2 news paper are hiirann and all jazeera.

the weather in Somalia is very nice. Like you see in the picture above it is very nice to see that thing. It is hot in Somalia.

This is one of the hundreds of hotels in Somalia. This hotel has a pool that refreshes all the guest in this hotel.

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