MY HYDRAULIC PROJECT: The Crane "First BluePrint"

First BluePrint

Entry #1: First BluePrint

The purpose of my hydraulic system is to carry heavy loads and to move them to their locations. My system will be able to move up and down, to lift up the mass of the objects and to set them back down onto the ground. It will also be able to move side to side to position itself in the right direction.

How The System will Funtion:

The hydraulic system will use 4 syringes. 2 syringes will be connected to each other by a tube to transmit liquid (water) from one syringe to the other. 1 of the syringes will be attached to the top of the crane (handle of syringe connected to the top) and will be positioned in a way where it will be able to move up and down. The syringe that will be left at the bottom will be able to apply pressure through the water by pushing on the syringe transferring the water through the tube and into the other syringe sending the handle of the top syringe up allowing the crane to also push up. When pulling on the handle of the syringe it will be able to bring down the crane. The next 2 syringes will go through the same process except it will be positioned differently and it will perform a different task by moving it side to side.

Why we chose those Materials:

The reason why my group and I chose those materials listed is because of how sturdy and strong they are. The popsicle sticks make up the frame of  the structure making sure it stays in place, pipe cleaners and weak materials wouldn't be good for the frame. The tubes will keep the liquid inside and will make sure it will travel from one syringe to the other. The string is to attach to the top of the crane and help lift up the heavy loads.

The Design

The design of my system is simple but functional, it has a base, a frame and the top of the crane. The design will surely funtion how it is supposed because it resembles a construction crane where it can move up, down, and side to side.