China Solar Water Heater

Solar Power, the Perfect Renewable Energy Sources

With the rapid development of economy and technology, people pay more and more attentions on the solar energy because of environmental protection and high price of traditional fossil fuel. Here are some brief introductions about china solar collector for you to learn. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy without pollution. According to a professional survey on the Internet, the popularizing rate of solar water heater will significantly increase to 20% ~ 30% by the year of 2015. Solar collector is an important part of solar collector or other solar instruments. In fact, you can find it almost in all the solar devices. Whether you’re a common consumer or solar enthusiast, you can acquire useful and accessible information after reading this article.

Solar collector is an important part of solar devices, which connects solar power with humans. There are two basic functions belongs to solar collector. First, solar collector is covered with a special coating that can absorb solar power. Second, solar collector can convert absorbed solar energy into heat and then transmit it to users. For example, we can usually see solar water heater on many roofs. The solar panel on the roof will collect energy coming from sunshine. Then, it uses the energy produce heat in order to warm water. As a result, people can take showers even in winter on sunny days.

According to a variety of applications, there’re many different types of solar collector. Generally speaking, we can often contact with solar collectors designed for heating water, drying clothes, making food, metallurgy and the like. Except solar collector we usually use to heat water, there’s a special type of solar collector used to generate electricity. Recent years, solar collectors are widely used in the field of electricity generation in two main ways. First, people directly change solar energy into electricity by using solar battery. In fact, a great many of electronic devices such as calculators sold in market have a solar battery as its selling point. We can simply charge a calculator with a solar battery when sunlight exists. Second, engineers heat water to boiling by using solar energy. There is a big power tower surrounded with lots of mirrors used to concentrate sunlight in order to heat water. Consequently, the vapors will become liquid at the top of the power tower. Moreover, liquid water can produce electricity when falling down.

To sum up, after reading the introduction about u pipe solar collector, you will agree that solar energy is absolutely a significant resource in the near future. There’s no doubt that solar energy will play a more important role in the development of our society. By using solar energy we can reduce contamination and industrial cost apparently. Anyway, I hope that our humans can get rid of dependence on fossil fuel in some day. We supply the following products: solar geyser compact solar water heater solar water heater china

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